Here at Vet Image Solutions we don't only supply equipment for breeders, but also sonography courses too.

Since we started our training 4 years ago 100's of course attendee's walked away with both a strong knowledge of the Female Canine Anatomy as well as a certifcate, leaving them confident in the world of canine breeding.

On the day of the course, trainee's will learn the following, as well as complette a pratical element to the course:

 (Level 1)

  • Introduction to scanning
  • Ultrasound and frequency spectrum
  • what is ultrasound?
  • Production and Journey of the ultrasound wave
  • Construction of Ultrasound probe
  • Bio effects
  • Focal Zone beam focusing
  • Gain
  • Canine Female Anatomy
  • scanning techniques
  • longitudinal section of bowel
  • Normal anatomy
  • recognition of canine fetal appearances
  • Canine Brain
  • Follicle development and ovulation LH and oestrogen
  • Gestational Age Defined
  • Abnormal Findings
  • electrical safety
  • Biosecurity
  • Scanning farm animals- infection control

attendee image credit Sarah Lowe


After completing Level 1, you have the option to advance your knowledge:

(Level 2)

  • Real time ultrasound revisited
  • M-mode
  • Colour Doppler
  • Table of  canine embryology
  • Calculating gesational age
  • Normal canine anatomy
  • Hydrops
  • Incidental findings
  • Cardiac disease – a briefing

By completing the course, you will also be added to our community of fellow breeders for help, advice and tips with full trust and support.

It doesn't end there....

By attending Level 1 you will recieve £100 discount on any ultrasound machine supplied from Vet Image Solutions, an offer not to be missed!

If you wish to attend one of our courses, please contact a member of the Vet Image Solutions Team on 0208-432-9802 or email