How to prepare for a cow's breeding season

The breeding season for cows varies based on the breed of the cow. Some breeds have a breeding season that lasts all year long, while other breeds only have a specific time of year when they are bred. Cows that are bred all year long are called "seasonal breeders." Regardless of the cow, there are a few things you can do to help prepare your cow for her breeding season. In this blog post, our team at Vet Image Solutions offer expert advice on preparing a cow for its breeding season.

Make sure your cow is healthy
One of the most important considerations for a farmer during breeding season is ensuring that their cows are healthy. This means making sure a female cow has a good appetite, is well-groomed and is parasite free. Cows also need plenty of fresh water and exercise so that they're healthy enough for pregnancy.

If your cow isn't in good health, it could affect her ability to conceive or carry a calf to term. It's also important to keep an eye on her body condition score, if she starts to get too thin or too heavy, you may need to adjust her diet or breeding schedule.

Get your cow onto a breeding program

Getting your cow onto a breeding program means that you'll be able to produce more calves per year, at the right time. This is important to consider as you'll minimise potential pregnancies. Breeding programs also help to maintain the genetic diversity of your herd.

Ensure that your cows are well fed

A breeding cow needs access to good quality food and water so that she can produce healthy calves. Calves that are born to unhealthy mothers are more likely to die or have health problems themselves. Feeding a cow a balanced diet will help her stay healthy during pregnancy and give her calf the best chance of survival. To do this, you should ensure that your cow has clear access to good quality hay, grain, and clean water.

For more on how to prepare your cow for breeding season, contact our team at Vet Image Solutions.

Image by ilyessuti via Pixabay