As a dog owner, it's important to be able to tell when your dog is pregnant, so you can prepare and care for them as needed. There are several ways in which owners can tell if their dog is pregnant, some of which are laid out below.

It's always important to take your dog to the vet if you suspect pregnancy, as they will be able to diagnose pregnancy properly.

Appetite changes

There may be other reasons for appetite changes, but it's a big indicator of pregnancy. This usually occurs within the first stages of pregnancy and may be accompanied by vomiting. Your dog may eat more or less than usual - the important thing to notice is a change in appetite, no matter what that change may be. This appetite change is due to the hormonal changes that occur when your dog is pregnant.

Decreased activity

This is one of the major signs of pregnancy in dogs - whilst some dogs sleep a lot naturally, any changes in activity such as increased sleeping or your dog becoming more easily exhausted are big signs of pregnancy. This may be hard to notice if your dog naturally sleeps a lot, but you may notice them becoming more tired after doing a normal walk.

Weight gain and a swollen belly

As with humans, dogs also get a swollen belly when they have been pregnant for a while, as a result of the puppies growing inside them. At first, this may seem like weight gain, but it should get more pronounced as the pregnancy continues. You may notice this if your dog has no reason for extra weight gain, but it's usually a late sign of pregnancy, indicating you should take your dog straight to the vet.

Changes in nipples

Another sign your dog may be pregnant is if its nipples change in colour or become enlarged. They may become more rounded in size, often becoming a dark red colour during pregnancy, indicating an increased blood flow. Milk may also start to leak during the later stages of pregnancy.

For more information on pregnancy in dogs, feel free to contact us to learn more about your dog and pregnancy.

Image by viniciusmagalhaesvsm via Pixabay