As a vet, you will know that the source of a pet's problem is not always easy to find. There are many cases where animals in pain have brought the problem on themselves.

Using an ultrasound scanner or ultrasound machine, you can check for foreign objects that should not be found inside an animal. It's amazing what pets can eat when they're left unsupervised for even just a few seconds.


Many dog owners have found their pet rooting through their underwear drawer, and it won't be immediately obvious if a dog has swallowed a sock. Often, the issues come to light once multiple socks have been swallowed. One dog ate 43 before his habit showed up on canine ultrasound!


Cats love ribbon. It's fun to play with, but also makes an unusual and dangerous snack. Issues with cats swallowing ribbon are often more of a problem near Christmas, when enthusiastic felines love the attraction of a tree that's full of baubles and bells. Christmas decorations are a very real hazard for cats.


Modern wireless earbuds are a big problem for hungry hounds and curious cats. These tiny gadgets are easy to swallow, and shouldn't be left around pets. Many dog and cat owners are realising their expensive mistakes when their wireless earbuds go missing.

Razor blades

Understandably, razor blades are an immediate concern if they've been swallowed by pets. Any concerns about consumed razor blades should be treated as emergencies. Dogs have eaten razor blades that show up on a veterinary ultrasound.

Children's toys

If someone has a child and a pet, they need to be extra careful. Children aren't known for being careful about tidying their toys, whilst animals aren't known for being picky about their snacks. Dogs have been known to eat all sorts of children's toys, from small figurines to die-cast cars. Lego bricks are another popular food.

Hearing aids

There's a TV advert for a popular brand of chocolate in which a woman talks to her friend about how her boyfriend's dog ate her hearing aid. This may just be a marketing ploy, but it is something that genuinely happens. A labrador swallowed her owner's full hearing aid, complete with the battery.


It's not unusual to discover that an animal has been eating hairbands. These small elastic bands are snack-sized for dogs, and eating one might not cause serious issues. That said, if a pet is a repeat offender, these can easily get tangled and cause problems.

The idea of pets eating weird items may be something to laugh about, but for the pets involved this can be a medical emergency. With top-of-the-range animal ultrasound equipment, you can quickly identify any odd or unusual snacks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Image by ARLOUK via Pixabay