When it comes to animal welfare, there may be a lot of questions raised. Animal welfare includes providing a safe and comfortable home for animals, to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, to be housed appropriately and in a safe environment, and to notice alarming behaviours. Because vets only see their patients every few months (or once a year, for some patients), it is not always clear what the situation is. There are obvious red flags, like injuries that cannot be explained away on accidents. But there are always going to be situations where a vet may wonder what to do.

Luckily, there are many organisations and foundations that a clinic can contact with questions, inquiries and even to report an animal welfare issue.

The Animal Welfare Foundation

With many resources available, including research and articles, advice on recognising abuse, and contracts for legal adoption, The Animal Welfare Foundation is a great tool for vets to use when it comes to animal welfare. Resources are compiled and created by vets for vets, so you know the material is readable and to be trusted.

There are also many ways to get in touch and stay interactive, including a Twitter feed that sends out regular updates.

Government website

The health and safety of animals also concerns the government. There are many laws that involve animals, the welfare of animals, and the licenses we keep for them. Visiting the government website is a great idea for those concerned with animals on a farm, in transport, being sold at markets and at slaughter. This more so deals with the laws of animal welfare, but can be a very important resource for vets who visit farms.

The American Veterinary Medical Association

Animal welfare is an important cause around the world. This association is a great tool for veterinarians to get the newest information about causes and research being conducted in terms of animal welfare. Hosting events and publishing insightful articles, the association also has opportunities for professional development.

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