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Vet Image Solutions for the last 10 years have  offered the gold standard for canine ultrasound scanning training in the UK, USA and Canada for the professional dog breeder.   We are the world leader for canine ultrasound training  for non-veterinarians and we are proud to be the only company recognised by the Animal Ultrasound Association (AUA).  We have  trained some of the leading breeders across the world, and are the only company to offer on-going learning tools and support after training.  

 VIS developed the world first breeder training course for the professional breeder with a goal to educate the UK and global breeding community to use ultrasound within their breeding program and  to continually work towards better welfare for breeding bitches.  Our mission is to protect the UK breeding community from substandard training practices and ensure that a professional level of training is delivered across the UK.  The VIS team are proud to have won an award for the our dog breeder training program, and we hope you can join us on one of our training sessions.  We are truly passionate about ultrasound.

 VIS wish to help you to achieve your  goals, train or retrain with VIS and gain the professional knowledge which will benefit you for years to come.  We have trained hundreds of likeminded people across the UK and the world and recently retrained a number of people across the world who were disappointed with the training they received from other providers, unfortunately not all training is equal.   

 After our training you will be able to perform a professional level ultrasound scan for pregnancy, the same a veterinarian would perform to confirm pregnancy.

Our courses are taught by professional ultrasonographers, and will teach you to get the most out of your ultrasound scanner. We are the only company in the UK to offer a comprehensive training syllabus for dog breeders and other non-veterinarians looking to get into ultrasound scanning. After your VIS  one-day course, you will be able to:

- Confidently identify pregnancy and, more important, non-pregnancy

- Spot pyometra in its early stages, before it's too late (avoid spaying)

- Know what is normal and what is abnormal, and when to refer your client to a veterinarian

"Everyone throughly enjoyed their day and i feel if breeders are buying scanners they need to attend something like this to gain a further understanding of basics regarding anatomy of the bitch and ultrasound basics. I felt stephen was excellent he didnt baffle us with hard to understand  terminology and answered questions  clearly in a manner we could all understand." - Sharon Pearce.

"Would like to say I went on the ultra sound scanning day in Maidstone and I found it very educational and I asked loads of questions. I learnt so much I highly recomend it" - Lisa Smith.

"LOVED IT!!!!! A brilliant day and I really learnt a lot!" - Julia

"I am a veterinary surgeon from West Sussex who was looking to purchase a scanner from VIS and to also attended the Level 1 scanning course. Although already familiar with ultrasound scanners, I though it would be refreshing to have some training in a relaxed and pressure free environment where I could freshen up on the basics and gain more confidence.

 This is a fantastic course whether you have previous scanning experience or whether you have yet to even hold a probe.  Everyone who attended the course that I was with had no previous experience at all....yet by the end of the day, everyone in the room could confidently identify not only a pregnancy, but also the liver, spleen, kidneys and intestines with confidence. They were also able to identify things such as a pyometra-one of the most life endangering conditions associated with intact bitches. The Staff were all amazing and took great care to ensure that each individual on the course felt comfortable enough to ask any questions they had- something you don't always get on training days.

 I found all of the scanners to be extremely good!!! I even came away with one for my veterinary practice. That gives you an idea of how good I thought the VIS equipment was. Very good value for money in my opinion.

 So whether you are a complete scanning novice or perhaps a vet nurse or surgeon, this course can offer you confidence in the basics and will definitely have you identifying pregnancy or lack of with confidence.

 I look forward to attending the Level 2 course.

 Thankyou VIS for a fab day!" - Maria Wood 

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Feedback ultrasound dog breeder training day

Ultrasound dog breeder training day feedback


You can also email us on  to discuss your training requirements  or call us on 0208-432-9802.

 Please join our Facebook group to find out what others are saying about our courses, and connect with fellow scanning professionals to share your knowledge and experiences.

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    Professional dog breeder ultrasound scanning courses. Choose either one to one VIS training at your location or attend one of our group training days.

    VIS, the gold standard of professional ultrasound training for the dog breeding community.

    This award winning course was developed by VIS for the professional dog breeder 

    You will be taught how to operate an ultrasound scanner and transducer in order to perform a thorough abdominal examination on a bitch so that you can confidently identify pregnancy versus non-pregnancy.

    After our training you will be able to perform a professional level ultrasound scan for pregnancy, the same a veterinarian would perform to confirm pregnancy.

    There will be a range of quality ultrasound scanners to try and you will receive a course booklet to take away which covers the detailed VIS syllabus along with your certificate of completion.

    UK breeders first choice for ultrasound training 

    There is no other course which offers the same level of knowledge as VIS, if you wish to truly learn the correct skillset to scan for pregnancy in a bitch, VIS are the only provider to be able to deliver the knowledge required for you to become a professional scanner. 

    Profesional dog breeder ultrasound training 1 to 1 sessions delivered by VIS at a date to suit you

    If there is not a suitable group training date we do offer the VIS extensive Level 1 training in the comfort of your own home email for more information. . 


    With the exception of veterinary nurses, qualified obstetricians, or those otherwise professionally involved in veterinary care, all attendees of our level 2 course must have successfully completed our level 1 course (Introduction to Ultrasound). In order to get the most out of the day, it is also strongly recommended that you have at least 6 months' scanning experience between completing your level one and level two.


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