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VIS Scan Pad Ex-Demo

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Brand VIS

Ex-Demo VIS Scan Pad

  • Ex-Demo VIS Scan Pad
  • Super large, crystal clear 15" monitor
  • 80 channels for a high resolution image
  • Micro Convex Probe
  • CE Certified


This scanner has been created with the professional mobile scanner in mind, and is packed full of useful features. For a start, all of the buttons are touchscreen (but don't worry - overall gain is controlled with a twistable knob, so it's still quick and easy to adjust), meaning that at the end of each scan, all you need to do is wipe over your monitor and you're ready to move onto the next client. There is no risk of dirt or hairs getting inbetween and under your buttons, ensuring maximum client safety.

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More Information
Brand VIS
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