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The high performance of the SonoScape S2BW stems from the advanced ultrasound Doppler imaging technologies which include a fully digital beam former, wide dynamic range, and multi-beam processing capabilities.



Ergonomic Design
Portable design, be ready at anytime and anywhere

  • • 15-inch high resolution LCD monitor with wide-view angle
  • • Standard PC keyboard, easy input
  • • Two probe sockets with probe holder
  • • Rechargeable lithium battery, 1 hour scanning without power supply
  • • Abundant peripherals: DICOM3.0, VGA, video out, USB, S-Video, Footswitch etc.


Comprehensive Functions
Complete working modes, outstanding 2D performance, sensitive blood flow imaging, 4D image technology, endows S2 with the best package of functions in its class!


Complete working modes:

  • • B Mode, Dual B, 4B
  • • M Mode, Steer M,
  • • DPI Mode
  • • PW Mode, CW Mode (optional)


Advanced Imaging Technology

  • • THI
  • • μ-Scan Speckle Reduction (optional)
  • • Compound Imaging (optional)
  • • Panoramic Imaging (optional)
  • • Trapezoid Imaging (optional)
  • • 4D imaging (optional)


Broad range of clinical application

  • • General Practice: Abdominal, OB, GYN, Vascular, Urology, Small Parts
  • • Post-measurement and calculations software packages
  • • Professional report for different exams


Multiple Transducers
Convex, Linear, Transvaginal, Transrectal, Intraoperative, Phased array, Micro-convex, Volume 4D


Optimum Workflow
Upgraded workflow, smart data management, a more user-friendly and productive BW Doppler system!

  • • Intuitive user interface: Clear system layout designed for convenient workflow, Menu-driven interface
  • • Define your own work-style: Fully customized work settings for data table/graph, function keys, icons, formulas, measurement, report layout…totally based on your own work style and habit!
  • • Clip-board function: Easy image review during scanning
  • • Smart patient data management: Easy access to patient image and data storage, retrieve, review and report.
  • • Value-added DICOM functions: Save, Storage Commitment, MPPS, Print, Worklist; providing more advanced file management solutions;
  • • Various data solutions: built-in 320G hard drive, DICOM 3.0 LAN port, VGA port, support Flash disk, External hard drive, external DVD drive, video printer, USB laser/jet printer and so on.
  • •  M-tuning: Intelligent one key image optimization

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