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SIUI Apogee 1000

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Vet Image Solutions proudly presents the Siui Apogee 1000, our most advanced lightweight Colour Doppler ultrasound system. 


Portable, lightweight Colour Doppler ultrasound system. Particularly suited for:

- Small animal abdominal work, equipped with a microconvex probe.

- Mobile canine pregnancy scanning.

- Equine tendon and reproductive work, equipped with a linear and linear rectal probe.

Why we like it:

Includes advanced imaging technologies such as MFI, which increases signal-to-noise ratio, delivering image quality normally seen in a machine in the £8000+ price bracket.

This machine's waterproof keyboard, mousepad (instead of rollerball) and 15" LCD monitor makes it quick and easy to clean.

Colour Doppler allows clear visualisation of blood flow, which is essential in veterinary ultrasound.

Pricing includes:

* Apogee 1000 Lite unit

* One transducer of your choice (we suggest microconvex for most users)

* Battery (2 hours of scanning time)

* Power supply

* Manual

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Brand VIS
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