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The VIStec K9 from Vet Image Solutions the leaders in breeder ultrasound. 

The VIStec K9 with microconvex can only be purchased in the breeder configuration from VIS in the UK.

When you purchase from VIS you get full UK based support from an ultrasound company.


The VIStec K9 from Vet Image Solutions supplied as standard with a microconvex probe and  built-in Li-Battery which will last around 3 hours for battery only scanning,also direct power input via power adaptor if required. 

Ideal portable scanner for Dogs, Cats and Goats. 

Technical Data

1. Gray scale: 256

2. Monitor: 10.4” LED

3. Adapter ratings: 100-240V~, 1.2-0.6A, 50-60Hz

4. Output of adapter: DC12.8V 3.0A

5. Main device rating: DC12.8V 3.0A

6. Main Unit Size: approx. 269 * 40 * 266mm3  (L * W * H)

7. Weight of main unit: approx. 2kg (excluding accessories)

8. Wifi image transfer to PC and direct to USB transfer.

The VIStec K9 has been custom designed for breeders by VIS, we have updated the software (software designed by VIS) and updated the internal components( it is what is under the shell which is important) 

Videos taken from a lady who completed the level 1 and is preparing to undertake level 2 training.

Scans perfomed on the VIStec K9 and supplied by VIS the leader in breeder ultrasound scanners and training.

VIS training can lead to scanning other species if you wish! - We can teach you if this is your goal.

VIStec K9 - Goat Scan

The VIStec K9 with microconvex can only be purchased in the breeder configuration from VIS in the UK. 

Vet Image Solutions 0% Finance

The Breakdown of our 0% Fiance plan over 12 months can be viewed below. This is to help give our clients a better understanding of the option avaible. This plan may vary depending on how much you would like to pay for the deposit. For further information and other payment plans, please contact out office on 0208-432-9802. But this is our most popular plan for the VIS Tec K9 (this does not include our delivery charge).


12 Months 0% APR

  • Payments - £195.00 p/m
  • Duration - 12 months
  • Interest rate - 0.00% APR
  • Deposit - £260.00
  • Customer cost of credit: - £ 0.00
  • Total payable: - £ 2,600
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