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The next evolution in the Scan Pad range - the UK's best-selling ultrasound equipment for small animal pregnancy detection. Particularly popular with those scanning dogs, cats and goats.

VIS V2 Scanpad plus comes as standard with 2 probes.  Giving the techincan better options when scanning for preganacy. 

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Why choose the Scan Pad?

The original Scan Pad was developed by Vet Image Solutions in response to demand for a high-performance yet cost-effective ultrasound machine. It is specialised for quick, accurate pregnancy detection in small animals.


Just like the original and the plus standard version the new VIS V2 Scan Pad Plus prioritises:

  • Superior image quality: optimised for pregnancy detection in small animals, this portable scanner's crystal clear image quality - displayed on a large, 15" colour LCD monitor - makes obtaining professional-quality images easier than ever.
  • Safety: the VIS V2 Scan Pad Plus  is a professional-grade ultrasound machine. Unlike most other machines in its price range, the VIS V2 Scan Pad Plus complies with international standards on ultrasonic safety, ensuring that your pups, kittens, and kids are scanned safely. This also means that this machine can be responsibly used by those looking to offer a scanning service for others.
  • Portability: the VIS V2  Scan Pad Plus  weighs only 4.8kg. It is also equipped with a rechargeable battery for emergency situations.


What are the differences between the Scan Pad Plus and VIS V2 Scan Pad Plus ?

  • Same high-resolution probes (two probes as standard)  - choose from convex, micro-convex or linear probes
  • Same software - those upgrading from the original will be pleased to find that they do not need to learn a whole new interface
  • Same storage capabilities - capture still images and cine loops
  • Added colour doppler option - for advanced scanning, i.e fetal heart analysis
  • Increased image resolution - upgraded processor for a better image. 




  •  Robust case - many of our customers bring their machines out to farm environments. The new VIS V2 Scan Pad Plus  is protected in a  rugged outer shell
  • Long warranty - 2-year standard warranty on all new VIS V2 Scan Pad Plus machines. Probes come as standard with 1 year warranty
  • Carry case - as standard,  your new machine comes with a high-quality, custom-made carry case

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Brand VIS
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