Marketing is a business discipline that can be utilised in all veterinary practices to build a thriving business that clients trust and return to time after time. Successful marketing means working out what your competitive edge is, defining your unique selling proposition and then getting that information out there. Here are 3 ways you can start the ball rolling when it comes to thinking about your competitive edge.

1. Collect data

Obtaining data from your clients is crucial if you want to know the areas that you can improve in, what you're doing right and what you could be doing more of. Gain actionable data by conducting surveys and offering an incentive for those that complete them. This is a great way to find out what new services your clients want and need and a fantastic chance to build a brand with a competitive edge. By gathering data from clients that use your practice, you'll be able to find out if there are better products you can bring in to attract even more customers. It may be that your clients are attracted by the very latest in veterinary ultrasound equipment or perhaps they love the idea of having an on-site store where they can buy everything from toys to treats. It could be that they want more frequent communication with you or that they'd love animal nutrition classes to take place at the practice.

2. Amplify your online presence

Build awareness of your brand by using social media platforms, SEO and email newsletters. Clients and potential customers will actively search for content that they trust, and to be in the competition you need to provide that reassurance, authority, and information regularly. Use Facebook and Instagram business pages daily, send out a monthly newsletter, implement SEO to rank higher on Google, and write regular blog posts to boost your online presence. Keep clients engaged and informed and you'll be their first port of call when their animals need help.

3. Find your unique selling point and create a niche

When facing competition from new and other local practices, finding your USPs is essential for attracting clients. Perhaps in your local area, it would be beneficial to create a niche practice focusing on felines, avian services or farm animals. It could be that your USP is offering cutting edge ultrasound equipment for equine purposes. Research shows that having a deep niche creates a far more profitable business. Offering a high tech niche in anything from pain management and senior care to innovative medical technology and behaviour counselling will set you apart from other veterinary practices and give you that much-coveted advantage.

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Image by 13228026 via Pixabay