Any farmer and livestock breeder recognises the importance of maintaining good animal health, but the diagnosis of common conditions is often difficult. This is particularly true for cattle; even discovering whether prize heifers are in calf can be difficult when traditional, manual techniques are used. There are lots of reasons ultrasound is becoming such a common and beneficial diagnostic tool for dairy and beef farmers, and some of its uses and benefits are discussed below:

Use and benefits of ultrasound for dairy and beef farmers

As noted above, ultrasound scans can be one of the best ways for early detection of pregnancy in cows and heifers and is far more accurate than manual palpation methods.

Some of the other benefits of modern ultrasound include:

- Used to assess the viability of any foetus and can also be used to sex and age the foetus
- Can detect ovarian activity and any abnormalities, such as cysts, corpora lutea, follicles, etc
- For confirming the diagnosis of uterine disorders, such as endometritis or pyometra
- Checking status of udders and any internal abnormalities
- For any lumps, haematoma or abscesses causing concern and requiring further investigation and diagnosis
- Testing the eyes, lungs, and musculoskeletal systems
- Ultrasound probes can be used for ovum pickup using aspiration techniques to collect oocytes and ensure the most successful results for artificial insemination
- To assess embryonic and/or foetal loss

The use of ultrasound has truly revolutionised efficiency and profitability within the dairy and beef sectors of the UK, as well as other livestock breeding and rearing specialities. However, this ultrasound has always been a specialist technique and relies upon the expertise and knowledge of the vets and individuals carrying out scans.

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Image by Pixel-Sepp via Pixabay