With the UK now experiencing its third lockdown, most cat owners know how to ensure their feline friends are well taken care of during these unusual circumstances. For households that have recently invited a cat to live in their home, and lockdown veterans looking for tips, here are a few points worth considering.

Keep them active

Cats need plenty of exercise to use their powerful muscles, so interact with them as much as you can with toys and games and offer them indoor equipment for scratching and climbing if you value your furnishings.

Create a clean living space

Clean up after both yourself and your cat to maintain a healthy environment. Always make sure used litter trays are emptied regularly and feeding areas are mopped after use.

Maintain a healthy feline diet

With many homes stocking up on supplies, it may be difficult to find what your cat enjoys to dine on in-store. Fortunately, specialist pet food suppliers offer leading brands and healthy options online and will deliver them directly to your door. Make sure fresh water is always available to keep them hydrated, which is especially important when the central heating is on.

Avoid altering their routine

Cats are creatures of habit, so try not to change their routine too much. Just because you are at home more, doesn’t mean they will adapt to different feeding times or opportunities to go out. If your cats prefer to go outdoors, don’t keep them in, but do remember to wash your hands if you touch them afterward. You won’t be able to tell where they have been when they return or who they may have encountered on their travels.

Your cat may not be used to you being home quite so much as you are while working remotely, so if you feel they need space, give them opportunities for alone time in peaceful parts of your home.

In short, with plenty to eat, a clean environment, exercise when required and personal space if desired, your cat will feel happy and safe until the lockdown lifts.

Image by 1899441 via Pixabay