We at VIS have been asked for years to hold training courses in Scotland. However, we have Scottish customers who, in the past, have invested a lot of time and money in getting down to us in Warwickshire, Worcestershire or even Kent for training. It seemed unfair to then run a course a few months later in their area, so that others could have access to the same training so much more easily.

This has been our position for the past 7 years. It's always a delicate balance between continuing to run courses and sell scanners - i.e., staying in business! - and protecting existing customers. Not always a balance VIS has got perfectly right. But with the help and ideas of our customers, we have tried our best to develop the market responsibly and sustainably, in what was totally uncharted territory at the time.

However, as we've all noticed over the past year or so, there is a microchipping company currently on a mission to knock out training courses and scanners at a significantly faster pace than we (intentionally) have been, in as many locations as they can find. That this is almost certainly unsustainable to them or their clients doesn't matter to them in the same way that it does to us, because ultrasound is not their core business.

A large proportion of our Facebook group join requests now come from individuals who have been on one of these courses. They say that they have gone on them because it's the only course within traveling distance for them. It is important to stress that we cannot comment on quality of these other courses, and this post is not designed to discredit them in any way. It is simply to say that this company has a different approach to business than VIS do, and that anybody investing significant time and money in ultrasound should at least have a choice about who that is invested with.

For this reason, we have taken the decision to make our courses more accessible to those living in Scotland and the far North of England, with our first ever Scottish course to be held in West Lothian on Sunday the 3rd of March 2019. You can visit our course booking page here.

We believe that sufficient time has passed that our Scottish customers are secure in their work, and that this will pose little or no threat to them, but should you have any concerns at all, please contact us on 0208 432 9802. The Animal Ultrasound Association is also available to more experienced scanners as a professional body that will help to protect and promote you in your area, and we would highly recommend checking out their membership options by visiting this link: Animal Ultrasound Association.