With so much choice on the market these days, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start if you’re looking to invest, or reinvest, in ultrasound technology for your veterinary practice.

To help, we’ve set out below our top 5 things to think about when buying veterinary ultrasound equipment.

Image Resolution

Spatial and contrast resolution needs to be outstanding on both a superficial and deep anatomy level. Some models even have special features, such as speckle reduction imaging and phase inversion harmonics, to provide improved image resolution.


Some systems have monitors that can be tilted or swivelled whilst others even have a “plug and play” feature meaning that they’re ready to go almost as soon as they’re out of the box.

There’s also a simultaneous split-screen feature, so that right along with real-time scanning, previously captured images can be displayed by way of comparison.

Optimised Automatic Imaging

This tends to be a standard feature in today’s ultrasound equipment and includes the use of easily adjustable presets, customised to some of the more common needs and exams. Make sure it covers what you’ll need it for.

Reporting systems

Detailed on-board reporting with customisable report templates again tends to come as standard these days. When hooked up to Cloud technology, it’s so much easier to share this information with colleagues and pet owners using email and smartphone technology.

Special uses

This is especially important. For instance, if it’s just basic echocardiography that’s needed, most systems will work with colour flow Doppler. However, if more advanced studies will be needed, you’ll need to check that specialised transducers, continuous-wave Doppler and ECG tracing are also included.

It also makes a difference depending on the type of animal you’re likely to be using the equipment with. Some models have been purposely built to work purely for equine purposes, for example.

Final considerations

Once you’ve figured out your practice’s specific equipment needs, then you can factor in costs and budgeting requirements.

Why not contact Vet Image Solutions, industry experts, who would be happy to help with any of your ultrasound equipment queries today?

Image by 272447 via Pixabay