Many people will have heard of ultrasounds, but not many will know exactly what they can do. The technology is most closely associated with pregnancy (called a sonogram), but it can also be used for a lot more than that. Veterinary ultrasounds are vital for a wide range of uses. 

Why is it widely used?

The ultrasound is a simple but highly effective imaging device. It transmits sound waves throughout the body and uses them to create an image. The non-invasive nature of the technology makes it very popular as there are no side effects. It is also inexpensive when compared to other imaging equipment and is a lot more portable.

How it can help

An ultrasound is able to look at the architecture of an organ, and then diagnoses can be made from there. This can make any large problems highly evident, and further action can be taken in order to treat the animal.

What it's able to do is distinguish fluid, soft tissue and any foreign objects. This can, therefore, be used to locate an item if a pet has swallowed something it shouldn’t have. However, it can also check for serious conditions such as pericardial effusion and hemoabdomen. 

A life saver

These images can solve potentially life-saving conditions. They are also able to help a vet complete an echocardiogram, so they can check an animal's heart. Blood flow can be checked as well as the heart valves. 

Due to its quick and efficient nature, it can also be used to rule out other conditions. Bladder stones and urinary tract infections can be ruled out to ensure animals can be treated effectively. Ultrasounds are a great asset for vets and enable the quick treatment of the animals under their care.

An essential item

Diagnosis and care can be dramatically improved with ultrasound machines. An animal ultrasound machine should be available as standard within every practice as you get an incredible level of results for very little cost. If you want to improve your imaging technology, contact Vet Image Solutions today to see how we can help you.