The dairy farm thrives on hard work and the management of its livestock. Dairy farmers work hard every day, both in caring for their dairy cows and the service that they provide to the local community. One piece of medical equipment that has really helped to improve the lives and working practices of dairy farmers is the portable scanner. Below we explore how the portable ultrasound helps dairy farmers. 

Saves much needed time

A portable scanner can be used to detect large animal pregnancy just 28 days after the cow has started to breed. It is much easier to detect pregnancy with the use of an ultrasound scanner, as opposed to the old method of palpation. Thanks to the portability of the ultrasound scanner, the vet is able to visit the dairy farm to complete a scan, as opposed to performing the scan away from the farm, which obviously saves time for all dairy workers and causes less distress for the animal. 

Saves money

A portable scanner provides high quality and accurate images for both dairy farmers and vets. This helps to save money in the long run as it is easy to check the breeding health of the dairy herd. Not only can this imagery detect when a cow is 'open' and suitable for breeding, but it can also detect a foetal heartbeat in the early stages of pregnancy. It can also show images of the reproductive organs and ovaries and determine gender. This will help farmers better identify cows which are suitable for breeding and have a greater chance of having a successful pregnancy, all of which is highly cost effective. 

Results in less effort for everyone

The portable ultrasound scanner is quick and easy to use. It can be used anywhere, and in direct sunlight you can still see the screen and access clear and accurate images. It is robust, durable and highly suitable for use in a busy dairy farm. It really does result in less hassle for everyone involved. 

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