Deciding what a dog should eat can be tricky. There are so many different varieties of food available, with seemingly infinite brands all claiming that their product is the best. Diet, along with mental health and exercise, are the biggest contributors to general wellbeing, so establishing what a dog should eat is incredibly important. All customers know this, and it's your business' job to give customers a helping hand in this tricky area.

However, while we can’t weigh up the pros and cons of every single brand, our experts can offer you some tips on how to improve your customer's canine's diet. Please do bear in mind that these are general tips, and if your customers have any specific questions or concerns then they should speak to a specialist. 

1. Check the labels of all food

Rather than just focusing on marketing, encourage your customers to consider the nutrients list on the food they give their dogs. It can be surprising to see the variation in nutrient content between different brands, even at the same weight of food. Clients should always feed their dog the recommended amount of nutrients and minerals each day, and reading the labels will allow them to make a more informed choice when doing this.

2. Don’t rely on shelf foods for every meal

There is a reason why packaged animal foods can stay ‘fresh’ for up to 24 months – they have large amounts of preservatives, and no live enzymes due to the industrial cooking process. As such, dogs won’t be getting the live enzymes they need for their optimal diet and will be eating large amounts of synthetic ingredients that they wouldn’t find in nature. Suggest to your clients that they introduce fresh food into their dog’s diet. Not only will it be more nutritious, but it will taste better too!

3. Avoid cooking meats where possible

Humans are the only species that actively cook meat before consuming it, and cooking meat not only denatures and destroys the enzymes within it, but also has the potential to add carcinogenic compounds from the cooking process. Dogs prefer raw meat, so why not tell your customers to give it to them?

At Vetimage Solutions, we know that a good diet helps to keep dogs healthy. But this won’t prevent all illnesses, and some illnesses need specialist machinery to diagnose the problem. That’s where we come in. For more information, contact us today.