Medical technology is forever evolving and adapting and every small veterinary practice needs to keep up with these important changes. A colour Doppler, when used with ultrasound equipment, has many uses and benefits within small animal care. Below we explore exactly what a colour Doppler is and how it can benefit your practice. 

What exactly is a colour Doppler?

The Doppler machine will measure any movement within the small animal, which is usually that of blood moving around the body. This is detected via the Doppler Effect, the physical presentation of ultrasound waves that have been created by the machine. When the waves meet no resistance, only movement, they create a different frequency. When the waves meet an obstruction, then these waves bounce back as the exact same frequency, and it is this that is seen as colour images on the scanner screen. 

The colour Doppler has many uses

The colour Doppler is a versatile piece of equipment. It is usually used alongside cardiac abdominal scanning to provide further and more detailed information. What it allows you to see is the presence of fluid, if it is moving and where it is going. When you use a regular ultrasound machine it can be difficult to see if the fluid is moving as the image is black and grey. The colour Doppler easily allows you to see this movement of fluid on-screen.

When should a colour Doppler be used?

It can be used with abdominal and cardiac ultrasound to visualise blockages within the blood vessels, and any fluid masses within the abdominal cavity. It is also highly useful for when undergoing a biopsy, as you can clearly see any arteries or veins that are located close to the biopsy site. 

Go portable

Finally, if you feel that a colour Doppler would be beneficial to your small animal practice, then don't worry as you can choose from a range of portable Doppler machines. These will take up very little room in your practice and can be used for house calls. 

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