The confirmation of a dog's pregnancy is the start of an exciting journey for breeders. However, the anticipation of how many puppies to expect, how they are developing and ensuring the bitch is kept in the best possible health during her pregnancy can be a little overwhelming.

Many dog breeders are now choosing to invest in ultrasound scanning machines that can be operated by themselves, after training, in the comfort of their own home - and, contrary to common misconceptions, the benefits of using ultrasound scanners for dog breeders stretch much further than the initial ability to confirm the pregnancy.

Ultrasound scanners are a safe, comfortable and convenient tool for breeders to observe the pregnancy. With no radiation exposure, both the bitch and her puppies development can be monitored through non-invasive means, typically beginning 28 days post-ovulation. This enables the breeder to know how many puppies are expected - without the need to wait for an appointment at the veterinary clinic. Knowing how many puppies are expected will allow the breeder to plan the sale of puppies in advance.

Operating an ultrasound scanner at home will also reduce stress on the bitch by avoiding unnecessary visits to the vets. In addition, by keeping vet appointments to a minimum, breeders can lessen, if not eliminate the risk of their dog catching any nasty diseases in the veterinary waiting room.

Then there are the additional obvious benefits of reducing the costs often associated with breeding. Veterinary bills can easily accumulate during the rough 63 days of a dog's pregnancy, so minimising costs by reducing veterinary appointments, scans and travel costs that can otherwise be done from home, will help the breeder budget more efficiently.

Throughout the pregnancy, the breeder will be able to watch the puppies develop. The care of the bitch and her puppies is paramount for a positive outcome so if a problem with the pregnancy is detected, the breeder will be able to react quickly. The scanner can also monitor the birth itself, allowing the breeder to know when the bitch has whelped her last puppy or detect and manage single puppy syndrome.

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