We all want our pets to be happy and healthy, but for first-time cat owners, it can be a daunting task to figure out exactly what they need to keep their feline friend happy. There are lots of pieces of advice that as a professional you could give. Below we highlight some specific and useful pieces of advice that you can give a first-time cat owner to make sure their new cat or kitten stays content...

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1. Nibbles and munches

Just like humans, cats love food. Also, like us, cats need variety. If our diet was just fibre, it would cause some serious health concerns and the same goes for pets. Some cats may prefer dry food to wet food but it is important to have both. Each offer different benefits, such as nutrition and dental care. When speaking to cat owners, ensure to emphasize the importance of variety in their pet's meals as well as a schedule to avoid overfeeding, which can lead to other health issues.

2. Keep on going up!

Cats like being up high. They like to climb and enjoy being able to see everything. New cat owners may find that their cat will sit on top of shelves, climb on tables or even onto shoulders - anything to give an illusion of height. So, recommend that cat owners give their feline the chance to get up high! Lots of scratching posts and other cat-based frames can be tall, full of ledges and offer places for a cat to squeeze themselves in to. This is especially important for owners with housecats as climbing equipment can give them the chance to explore and pounce safely without having to attack your curtains.

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3. Nice and green

Cats adore plants. More often than not, they adore eating them. However, a lot of plants are poisonous for our furry companions to digest. Ensure that first-time cat owners are aware of this to avoid fatal consequences. Offer verbal lists or hand out informational pamphlets to ensure the correct information is passed on. Recommend, if specific plants cannot be avoided, that they are placed somewhere up high where no animal would be able to reach.

4. The importance of attention

All cats will want the attention of their owner at some point, whether it's a stroke, some grooming time with a cat-friendly hairbrush or just hanging out on a sofa next to each other. Emphasise to new owners the importance of giving a pet some of their time. It will help build their relationship and likely help a new animal warm-up to them. Particularly advise this when it concerns kittens, who are still learning about the affection of their owners.